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version: 0.1.14 (released on 26/08/2003)
author: Riccardo Gerosa (aka h3)
license: BSD (open source)

Download (100 KB)

H3calc is a simple command-line calculator, it has interactive and script mode, it's similar to a BASIC interpreter.

To use the program in interactive mode just write: "h3calc" at the command prompt; to launch a script type: "h3calc programname.h3c".
Type "h3calc --help" for help and syntax information.

There is an example script in this archive, called "test.h3c" further information is available through the "help" command in interactive mode.

This program is written in ANSI C, using Flex for the lexical analysis and Byson for the syntactical one (Flex and Bison are opensource versions of Lex and Yacc).
In this archive are present source and binaries release and in debug version, compiled for Windows and for Linux. There are Makefiles for both the platforms.
The gcc compiler was used for Linux, and Mingw for Windows (Mingw is a Win32 porting of gcc).
The release executables are compressed using Upx (Ultimate Packer for Executables).
The source code should work on any Unix/Posix system with Flex and Byson or equivalent tools.


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