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XP Lock

version: 0.91 beta (released on 04/05/2002)
author: Riccardo Gerosa (aka h3)
license: freeware

Download (180 KB)

Windows XP by default uses the graphical login screen at startup.
This login screen displays the icons of the users, when you click on an icon the system starts using the selected user's profile.
That is nice, but if you are an Administrator and want to be able to lock the computer while you go away you have to disable the graphical multiuser login screen (passing to the old-style windows-NT/2000 text based login).

XP Lock is a small program I did to solve this problem, it doesn't need installation: when you want to lock your computer you can simply run XP Lock and it will lock your computer even if you didn't disable the graphical login.

XP Lock doesn't make permanent changes to the windows configuration, just run XP Lock when you want to lock your computer!
Obviously your profile will needs to be in the Administrators group and you must set a password on your profile!

XP Lock is designed to work only under Windows XP.


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